About Us

Kadilex, Construction, Inc. was founded in 2010 to provide rebar installation services throughout the  Mid-West construction markets. We are committed to providing a safe work environment and hiring top talent to meet and exceed deadlines. 

What We Do
Install reinforcement bars in a wide variety of structures:

• Culverts

• Foundations

• Weirs

• Footings

Why Choose Kadilex?

Our dedicated team has built a reputation for both production and safety.


We have built strong Union relationships and focus heavily on efficient project management.  


At Kadilex we use multiple forms of technology to give us a competitive advantage. Our technology allows us to detect project slippage and strategically bring back on schedule. 


Our internal infrastructure allows us to bid accurately and competitively and we pass the cost savings onto our customers. 


Doing business with Kadilex will result in deadlines being exceeded and long term partnerships being developed. 


What our customers say

"Kadilex provided a product that was of excellent quality at a very fast pace"